The Trip to the birthplace of goddess Sita – Janakpurdham, Nepal #EPICPLACE

There is always something special about historical places, that connection you feel is beyond the words to explain.


Janakpurdham trip was basically unplanned one but it came out to be our best trip as far as small trips are concern. This trip came after we had planned to visit the village for marriage function of my uncle at our native place Bihar, India. Our village is close to the Nepal border and its less then 1 KM distance from Nepal border so we could easily enter the Nepal by walk. India and Nepal border is not divided by any typical international borders any body can cross it with small checking between BSF post on border.

We left Mumbai to visit our native place Bihar it takes minimum 2 days to reach by train and from there we need to take local transport to reach our village. Here are the pictures of us at Kurla Railway station, Mumbai .

At Kurla Railway Station, Mumbai, India [right side me and left side my brother Nikhil ]
We reached Darbhanga after 2 days from Kurla and if you are planning to visit Bihar then always go with 3rd tier AC trains or above as general sleeper class gets always over crowded that i think may ruin your experience as lots of people visit Bihar by general class without ticket and always gives trouble to reservation people. So by the time we reached we took local transport to reach our village which was located near Nepal border so we had to cross whole Bihar to reach there.

This gave us the opportunity to see different places like farms, jungles, houses, cities, different animals and lot of people everywhere. Some of pictures are here take a look at them.

View From Inter city Trains of Bihar
View of typical sunset view in farms
Greenery everywhere in farms

Finally, we reached our home town it looks just like any other typical North Indian villages, we then after finishing marriage function we decide to go to Janakpurdham which was nearby from our village and can easily be reached by private cab.

We hired one local cab and he took us to Janakpurdham by bumpy roads and lots of dust everywhere while driving through the Nepal border as the road was under-construction so these things are expected. it took 1 hours to reach the Janakpurdham from our village.

My village

After we reached to Janakpurdham we realised that Indian Rupees is higher then Nepali rupee it was almost double so we had to pay very less money for everything as Nepal is very less expensive country. We had some Singhara [Aka Samosa] and fruit juice in half of the money that we get in India. The view from the outside of Janakpurdham was very beautiful and i decided to take photo of entrance.

Entrance of Janakpurdham

This place has a lot historical and religious value for Hindus across the globe, as this place was birthplace of Sita and marriage place of Lord Ram and Sita. Here you will find many place dedicated to the epic meeting which believed to happen long ago.  To read more about this place click here.

Janakpurdham has many temples inside and outside this beautiful white temple complex. here lots of foreign visitors come to see this place and want to know more about Janakpurdham and its epic history. After coming to this place we got mesmerised in the beauty of the structure and calm environment.

We kept exploring the place inside and outside and i talked to some local people while i was checking out the place. I clicked photos of with him too. His name was Bahadur and he was local resident of Janakpur city. There were certain restriction on taking photos of this place but i managed to take few photos of this temple.

Inner Main Temple Structure of Lord Ram and Sita
Beautiful side view of the Temple
Photo with my Local Guide for this trip Bahadur
Lord Ram and Sita and Laxman Idol inside of the main Temple structure

The above Idol can be seen only after 4 in evening so we have to wait to get glimpse of beautiful idol of Lord Ram Sita and his brother Laxman. till then we explored the area the outer area and front gate of the temple is magnificent as you can see full view of temple complex.

Beautiful View Janakpurdham

The above picture was very hard to get as lots of people were around when i first tried to take the picture so i waited to open the main temple gate till 4 in evening and after that when everyone went to the main temple i clicked this picture. I must say the structure is awesome and the efforts in making this whole temple complex can be seen by just looking at it. We went to other side of the temple which was behind this complex.

Temple structure next to Janakpurdham

Idol Of Lord Ram and Sita

After visiting every place near to Janaki temple, We had food at nearby restaurant which was not that great as the building were affected by serious earthquake came few months back when we visited this place. for your information i would say there is no lavish restaurants are available so find some small hotel serving local dishes at cheaper price or carry your food which is not possible i know.

After that we came out of the temple complex with lots of stories of old historical and religious thoughts and feelings in heart and our driver was waiting for us at the parking area so we took the cab and came back to home.

The special thing about this place is what is felt that religious places are good for mind as it calm downs the feeling of stress, anxiety, past etc. It was well spent day at Janakpurdham, Nepal. We would like to thank Nepali people for everything, you felt like our own people in terms of language, thoughts, beliefs, and as human beings.

Explanation of this place in One Line:

I loved the each and every moments of this small trips, i faced few difficulties while travelling to Nepal but it doesn’t matter, as Nepal is beautiful country with beautiful people. 

Here i would like to share my road trip in Nepal.

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