One day trip to the Matheran hill station from Mumbai #lostinecho

” The most important aspects of travelling is that it can make you more patient and curious at the same time “

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Matheran was the closest hill station from Mumbai as far as distance is concern it is approximately 79.8 to 80.3 KM with respect to mode of transport you choose. [I will provide the time and cost details at the end of the post.] so we choose this place for our monsoon trip. It was already famous for spectacular views of the surrounding hills and valleys.  Matheran has a reasonably lots of forest cover.

Matheran is an Eco-sensitive region, declared by the Ministry of Environment and Forest, Government of India. It is one of the few places in the world where vehicles are not allowed, which makes the place different from others. Matheran takes you over a hundred years back in time when there were no vehicles. Because of vehicles being banned in Matheran, the place is quite peaceful despite the hundred thousands of nature lovers coming to visit throughout the year.

That was enough reason to check out this place and make some priceless memories for the lifetime.

Me and my friend ANKAN planned this trip after getting free from office and my elder brother NIKHIL  also joined us. We started our journey by early morning on 26 June 2016 at 8:10 AM from DADAR railway station. We reached dadar and took ticket and went on to wait for our train that will Drop us at Neral railway station. We had very less information about going to matheran and what to keep for backups so we packed our bags with all the basic stuffs like water bottle, cooked instant noodles, 400₹ each person etc.

Train ticket from Dadar to Lonavala

Dadar station is always crowded no matter at what time you come here but thankfully that day it was less crowded and we had no trouble getting our train. We got the train on time and did not had to wait much. We clicked many pictures all was terrible  then finally we got down at neral station. The Neral station was like typical old railway station with respect to structures and look and feel. But the scene from station was magnificent and mesmerising. Foggy hills with lots of clouds around above us. We got very much excited to reach to the top of the hill. Here are the picture at Neral station.

When we got down at neral railway station [in Left Vinay, in Center Ankan, Right side Nikhil ]
We then took sharing cab from the Neral station to matheran hill station top. there were two ways you can reach to matheran hill station first, by walking from neral to hill top matheran and second, by sharing cab or your own vehicle to reach till matheran top [shown in first heading Image]. after we reach matheran there was no vehicle allowed throughout the hill station.

There was number of different options was available like horse riding, walking. we decided to go by walk [You can try horse riding option if you are planning to spent king size.] there were almost lots of young guys around there clicking photos, laughing, some of them were planning how to go, drinking water, some of them were just in wow impression. So, we also took photos of the entry area it was like the Resident Evil 4 Game-play type environment. foggy area with cold weather as we went in month of June so it was very much foggy.

We started walking towards Matheran railway station as toy train mostly gets closed in monsoon. So our journey in matheran started when we reached matheran station. after walking 20 minutes slowly as we were taking pictures, talking about how choosing this place over other place for one day trip was right etc. We ended our first 20 minutes walking by reaching matheran station. We were very happy as our 25% task has been as per our schedule we planned day before trip.

The plan was simple we will reach matheran hill top by 10:30 and we will finish everything till 3:30 and reach to matheran market to have our lunch at some budget friendly restaurants available there and we will leave matheran by 4:15 and will be able to reach neral to take trains back to dadar as in evening there is very less trains available so we had to stick to the plan.

Matheran Map

so according to our plan we reached matheran station by 10:30 AM then we have to complete everything without resting at any place in order to check out 90% of the matheran. We checked out local site map which is available there with good information. We decided to check out almost every place so we had to leave one tree hill point in order to finish 90% of matheran.

We started all way from Khandala point to Echo point leaving one tree hill as it was too far to be included into our trip. we will go there in our next trip and will share with you all here as squeal of this story.

We had awesome experience throughout the journey as every point was having some surprise in terms of scenery. We took break after reaching Charlotte Lake. we had our instant noodles at one home based small outlet near that lake we had Omelette bread and water. we rested there so 15 minutes and after getting energised we left the place for further journey.

We almost went to all places by walking and it took us almost 2 hours to check out 50% of area of matheran by walking as we did not stop until we reach one point then we clicked photos and used to leave the place. This was the only way to do one day trip to matheran. I personally recommend that you must always plan for 1 night and 2 days trip to matheran in order to relax and feel the environment.

We reached matheran market by 3:00 and we did some shopping too for our family and friends. we had lunch at one good looking restaurant . We had kebabs and tandoori dishes as in rainy season it taste even more heavenly. We left the place to come out from matheran market to matheran station where our cab driver was waiting for drop at Neral railway station.

We faced lots of crowd in train while coming back but we had created lots of beautiful memories that kept our mind busy till we reach the dadar. Our journey ends here but new journey was about to start here and that was to create plan for next trip 🙂 .

Things we took with us from this trip was that we are in the journey called life so, we should always enjoy the every moments of it.

Do visit these places and Comment below and follow BHATAKTI AATMAA for more trips and I recommend you to always plan 2 Day & 1 Night plan for matheran for best experience.

Explanation in one line of this place would be :

The Matheran – The place where a person will forget everything, home, past, future, stress etc.

Leaving you with beautiful pictures of this place [Note: This all taken from average camera phones still it came so awesome 🙂 ].

2,625 feet above sea level

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